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Plumen makes a pair of not-so-tired Edison bulbs

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Wilma and Willow strike the right balance of modern and vintage

Pendant lights dangling from ceiling above table Emma Harris courtesy Plumen

Of all the interior design trends that just won’t seem to die, the Edison bulb is one of the most infallible. The naked bulb aesthetic, seen everywhere from chic restaurants to the aisles of Home Depot, has inspired plenty of eye rolls amongst the design-minded thanks to its sheer ubiquity.

Andrew Penketh
Andrew Penketh

Not all filament bulbs are created equal, though. Plumen, the purveyor of high-tech, high-design light bulbs, has two new offerings, and they’re a refreshingly modern take on an otherwise tired trend. The diminutive Willow and bulbous Wilma are part of Plumen’s WattNott line, a series of exposed filament bulbs the British company debuted last year.

Lights hanging over fireplace mantle Emma Harris

Wilma and Willow’s asymmetrical shapes are hand blown around a scalloped filament wire that sits in the center of the bulb like a blooming flower. The outside of the glass is hand-painted with a gold tint to give the LEDs a warm glow that feels more modern than vintage.

Via: Designboom