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Mirrored prefab cabins create a scenic modern hotel in Uruguay

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A selfie-worthy hotel uses mirrored glass to achieve an optical illusion

Glass hotel with cloud reflection MAPA Architects

From the inside, the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel in Maldonado, Uruguay, looks like yet another gorgeous modern hotel, filled with dark stone, light oak walls, and perfectly Instagrammable furniture. From the outside, the building almost completely disappears.

Hotel interior with bed and table

Uruguayan studio MAPA Architects nestled a series of 13 cabins into a vineyard landscape that sits at the base of Eastern Uruguay’s rolling hills. The rectangular prefab cabins, manufactured in a Montevideo factory in less than 10 weeks then transported 125 miles to the countryside, perch atop a foundation of locally-sourced rocks.

The back of the structures are flanked by rows of timber trunks; meanwhile, the front of the cabin is encased by a span of one-way mirrored glass that reflects the expansive landscape and effectively renders the cabins invisible.

Window looking out on vineyards and mountains

Is it an attempt to connect architecture to nature, or just another opportunity to take a killer selfie? Either way, this kind of optical illusion somehow never gets old.

Via: The Spaces