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Norway’s high-design rest area serves curves, concrete, and views

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Not your average I-80 bathroom

concrete highway rest area Photos by Steinar Skaar via Dezeen

Leave it to the Scandinavians to design a rest area so handsome we’d happily claim it as our very own tiny home. Oslo-based architects Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter designed an undulating concrete structure along the Helgelandskysten Scenic Route in Norway as part of a series of high-design stop-offs for road-weary travelers exhausted from all the natural beauty they’ve just taken in.

The Ureddplassen, as it’s called, is sandwiched between the peaks of the surrounding fjords and the glimmering Norwegian Sea. It’s connected to a concrete viewing platform that stretches along the rocky coast that serves as prime real estate for ogling the Northern Lights come nighttime.

The building’s shape, designed to mimic a wave, is meant to harmonize with the natural surroundings while giving ample privacy for the people inside. Because despite its design, and despite its jewel box glow at night, the Ureddplassen is still a toilet—a damn beautiful toilet—when it comes down to it.

Via: Dezeen