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Peek into the dazzling sets from new Wes Anderson film ‘Isle of Dogs’

Everything is handcrafted

sets in Isle of Dogs
The fictional city of Megasaki, handcrafted for the film.
Photos by Jack Hems via The Spaces

You can’t talk about a Wes Anderson movie without talking about its sets, which are so distinctively colorful and whimsical that people have begun filing real life places with a similar aesthetic under “Accidental Wes Anderson.” With the arrival of the director’s latest film, Isle of Dogs, moviegoers can once again expect to see stunning backdrops rich in detail.

Set in a dystopian Japanese city of the future, Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animation about a 12-year-old boy who journeys to save his dog Spots, just one of countless canine pets who’ve been exiled to a garbage-filled “Trash Island.” From the glittering cityscape to a rusting animal testing facility to a lantern-lined noodle bar, all of the sets were handcrafted especially for the film.

And just in time for the film’s release, London’s the Store X and Fox Searchlight Pictures have come together to open an exhibition featuring some 17 original sets and puppets from the movie. The noodle bar has even been recreated in life-size and visitors can enjoy some ramen or sake there.

Take a peek into the exhibit, running through April 5, in the photos below, courtesy of The Spaces.

The animal testing facility.
Jack Hems
The life-size noodle bar.
Jack Hems
A close-up of the cityscape.
Jack Hems
The mayor of Megasaki in an auditorium.
Jack Hems

Via: The Spaces