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Tiny glass cabin offers the ultimate Northern Lights show

Why leave bed when you’ve got a view this good?

View of cabin under Northern Lights Panorama Glass Lodge

The trouble with viewing the Northern Lights is that the countries where they’re most visible tend to be awfully cold. The unfortunate truth is: To get an unobstructed view of Aurora Borealis, your best bet is to be outside and look up. Or is it?

For the same effect but from the comfort of a cozy bed, meet the Panorama Glass Lodge in Hvalfjörðu, Iceland, a luxury rental cabin whose bedroom is built with floor-to-ceiling windows (read: the ceiling is a window). It’s a stunning visual effect that’s doubled by the fact that the cabin sits on the shores of the sea, creating a reflection pool for nature’s prettiest show.

View of wood cabin during sunset Panorama Glass Lodge

The secluded tiny house comes equipped with everything you’d need to survive the Icelandic wilderness—a fully-stocked kitchen, rainforest shower head, and a terrace with a wood-clad hot tub. But if it were up to us, we’d suggest crawling into bed, looking up, and never leaving.

Windows looking out onto the Northern Lights

Via: Archinect