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This farmhouse-style tiny house on wheels fits family of four

Roost 36 has three sleeping nooks

View of open-air porch looking into small trailer-style home.
Roost 36 comes with a porch with retractable screens.
Photos via Perch & Nest

Tiny houses come in all shapes (but usually just one general size) and a number of styles, though in our experience, it appears that “rustic” and “farmhouse” are among the more in-demand of them.

This tiny house by North Carolina-based Perch and Nest is dubbed Roost 36, “a family size farmhouse on wheels,” and can accommodate up to four people. Not only does it boast a host of custom amenities like two lofted sleeping areas, a third sleeping nook, built-in shelving and storage, skylights, raw concrete kitchen counters, and distressed flooring, it also hints at luxury thanks to a mint-green Smeg refrigerator and an open-air porch.

Retractable screens open up the porch to the great outdoors for seamless indoor-outdoor living, while an accordion glass wall opens up the interiors to the porch, connecting the home to said porch—and beyond. This allows for a bit more breathing room, especially for a family of four.

Rounding out the tiny house on wheels is an efficient staircase winding up toward one of the lofts, a flushing yet “off-grid” toilet in the bathroom, which also boasts a free-standing, barrel-style bathtub. Making its debut at the 2017 Tiny House NC Street Festival, it’s slated to be featured on Season 5 of HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters.

Perch & Nest

Via: Apartment Therapy