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Modern concrete and wood house was designed around existing trees

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No trees were felled in the making of this home

concrete and wood house Photos by Federico Kulekdjian via ArchDaily

Some architects bend nature to their will; others bend to nature. A new home from Besonias Almeida takes the latter approach, building a house with deep respect for its surroundings. The Argentine firm, known for its sculptural concrete houses, designed the Aranzazu House around the layout of the land’s pre-existing trees.

Interior of house with stairs and window looking out onto a pool

It’s an unusual set of constraints. Typically plots are razed of any obstacles before construction begins, but this particular piece of land in Buenos Aires has been part of a decades-long effort to grow more trees in the neighborhood, which meant it required different rules.

Concrete courtyard
modern house built around trees

Every corner of the home is crafted to avoid interference with the naturally-grown labyrinth of plants. The four-bedroom house has a blocky facade and grassy cut-outs that provide gaps for the variety of flora to bloom and grow. Like most of Almeida’s concrete homes, this one merges the man-made and the natural giving the house a modern tree house vibe that’s, let’s admit it, way less of a hassle to climb.

Via: Designboom