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Pantone wants to curb your road rage with ‘nature-inspired’ car mood lighting

The horn pairs nicely with “refreshing ocean”

Car interior with green lights Pantone/Kia

You can cast your dining room in a glowing shade of purple. Outdoor patios can soon be awash in your rainbow hue of choice. All over the home, plain white light has slowly, but surely been pushed out of the spotlight. Your car could be next.

Pantone has just announced its first collaboration with an automotive partner, working with Kia to give its new luxury sedan, the K900, a multi-colored interior. Drivers can choose from seven “nature inspired” hues chosen by Pantone and designed to put the driver at ease. The blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow hues are given names like “refreshing ocean,” “dream purple,” “golden insight,” and “peaceful forest” and are installed in the floor and side panels of the car, illuminating the vehicle with a soft glow.

Car interior with violet lights Pantone/Kia

According to both companies, drivers can match the colors, tones, and brightness to the time of day and reason for travel to as a way to shape the emotions and feelings of whoever’s in the car.

“The pairing of these two companies will ultimately result in the psychological stability of both the driver and passengers,” Pantone writes in a press release.

That might be just a touch overstated—but hey, at least now you can revel in your rush hour road rage with a peaceful forest as your backdrop.