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Prefab houseboat design can be customized, assembled in two days

#Floatlife made easy

rendering of modern houseboats Images via Designboom

What if you could order a modern houseboat like you order flatpack Ikea furniture? That’s the thinking behind a new line of modular floating dwellings conceived by Russian designer Max Zhivov.

The construction kit-inspired Modul Go concept aims to offer easily adaptable floating structures that can serve as anything from a two-bedroom home to a restaurant to an equipment rental kiosk on water. This range of customization would come from a series of different modules that are about 8 feet in width and either 7.5 feet or 11.5 feet in height. They would sit on platforms measuring 450 or 900 square feet.

The structures, which are designed to be assembled by four people in two days, would come with electric motors and solar panels. Zhivov is currently also working on an app that would allow customers to customize the modules and specs to get an accurate price estimate for their desired model.

While Modul Go is still in development, plenty of precedents have already paved the way. This adorable one from Germany comes in a similar size, while these examples from Ireland and France go for a more natural timber-clad look.

Via: Designboom