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Victorian renovation is all about bold color

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Ooh la la

Living room with dark wall with gold flecks, dark wood floors, and jewel-toned velvet furniture.
The accent wall is flecked in gold paint.
Photos by Nicole England via Yatzer

A sophisticated palette of striking colors imbue this 19th century Victorian weatherboard house in the Camberwell suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Designed by interior designer Danielle Brustman of the Stylesmiths, the renovation of the so-called Matlock House is the owners’ second one in eight years. This time, they wanted to transform the kid-friendly home into something more grown-up.

The result is a moody aesthetic characterized by color-coded rooms, a la the Victorians. In the living and dining areas, which are adjacent to one another, sky-blue walls pair with white molding and millwork. Contrasting this softness is a deep blue accent wall painted with gold flecks in the living room, which is furnished with dark wood furniture (to match the hardwood flooring) and jewel-toned sofa and chair.

The family room is simpler and features white walls, but a hallway leading to the private quarters are lined in magenta carpeting, and one of the bedrooms is a monochromatic dusty pink. Here, the walls, fireplace mantel, side tables and a vase are finished in the same hue, creating an art-installation effect. Take a look.

Via: Yatzer