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Sweet backyard studio packs loads of amenities into 312 square feet

Granny flat inspiration ahead

backyard studio in Sydney Photos by Michael Nicholson via Inhabitat

As U.S. cities hurt for housing, accessory dwelling units—also known as granny flats—are becoming an ever more appealing option. If you’re thinking of building a backyard home, consider following the example of this lovely Sydney studio from architect Ulrika Saar. The 312-square-foot space contains guest quarters, a home office, kitchenette, lounge, bathroom, workshop, laundry room, and storage.

The home has a simple single-slope shed roof with polycarbonate panels that bring in natural light. The roof’s deep front overhang shades the front of the building. A row of clerestory windows where the walls meet the roof let in additional natural light. The exterior is clad in blackbutt hardwood timber and corrugated metal.

The interior is accessed via a set of sliding glass doors that almost fully open the living space to the garden. The living/sleeping area is the largest of the building’s three rooms and outfitted with a murphy bed, dining set, and chair.

The next space contains the bathroom and laundry room, and the final space is taken up by storage and a workbench with a view onto the backyard. There’s also an outdoor shower.

A hidden, 4,000-liter tank collects rainwater runoff from the roof for use by the washing machine, toilet, and for watering the garden.

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Via: Inhabitat, Contemporist