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‘Concrete’ candy takes Brutalism love to another level

Concrete you can eat

candy made to look like concrete Photos by Louise Samuelsen via Mashable

Need a sweet treat to go with that Brutalism-brewed coffee sipped beside your Brutalism-papered walls? Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank has you covered. The KUFstudios founder channelled her sweet spot for flødeboller—Danish candy made of meringue covered in chocolate—to create a series of concrete-looking bonbons inspired by the architectural movement.

Utzon-Frank has been fashioning delectable, architectural delicacies for years. She’s used a printer capable of applying patterns onto marzipan and fondant in order to make cakes that look like marble sculptures. But she was lately commissioned by London’s Barbican art center—housed in one of Europe’s iconic Brutalist complexes—to create a flødebolle masterclass.

“I spent the next couple of days in my kitchen, trying to make chocolate look like concrete,” she told Mashable.

“I decorate the mould with colored cocoa butter and chocolate. I use charcoal, black sesame, and other natural colorants to get the colors and structures. Then the chocolate shells are filled with an Italian meringue and a 66 percent almond paste.”

Via: Mashable