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EZ-GO is an electric driverless ride-share vehicle by Renault

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The autonomous electric car can be hailed by an app or at dedicated stations

Sleek electric car with glass entry port with passengers walking out of the car via a ramp.
Renault’s EZ-GO accommodates up to six passengers in an open-concept car with panorama glass roof.
Photos via Dezeen

French automobile company Renault just unveiled the EZ-GO, a driverless concept electric vehicle that accommodates up to six passengers in what is essentially a glazed, see-through car accessed by an app or at dedicated stations.

Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, EZ-GO was conceived as a ride-share or for individual use and is a Level 4 autonomous vehicle with a top speed of 30 miles per hour that can navigate traffic, change lanes, and make turns at intersections. It can also move into a safe position if the system detects any issues.

As for its design, the vehicle features a futuristic cocoon silhouette with large windows on the sides, front, back, and on the roof (reminiscent of an observation car on a train), and an open seating area arranged in a U-shape. An oversized entry port makes up the front of the car and lifts up to reveal a ramp for easy access for wheelchairs and strollers.

Renault hopes to target the EZ-GO to cities and businesses as a transit and ride-sharing alternative to services like Uber. While a ride would cost more than a bus, it would be cheaper than taking a taxi. Renault also hopes that the car would appeal to tourists, who would be able to tour a city and observe the streetscape through the panorama roof and large windows. The company plans to release the robocars by 2022. Learn more here.

Via: Dezeen, Engagdet, The Verge