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Sleek RV expands to reveal jet-like interiors

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First-class champagne not included

Big, dark, and sleek on the outside, the Finetza camper boasts luxurious interiors akin to a first-class lounge.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles

Traditional RVs are not the prettiest of vehicles. Big, boxy, and often painted an unattractive beige, RVs can lack the aesthetics of a gorgeous teardrop trailer or the impressive grit of four-wheel-drive campers. Outdoor companies have taken note of this trend, debuting sleeker, more artistic designs that push the boundaries of what an RV can look like, inside and out.

The latest is from India-based Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles. Called the Finetza, this motorhome is a massive hunk of grey metal, reminiscent of the rectangular RVs of yesterday but with a more modern look. The low ground clearance and all-dark look may not appeal to everyone, but step inside the Finetza and you’re transported to the first-class cabin of a private fancy jet.

Starting with a 158-inch wheelbase Force Motors Traveller, Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles built the Finetza with a lounge in mind, featuring wide seats, powered recliners, and a large array of different layout options. Sofas and chairs convert into beds at the touch of a button, and an array of different fold-out, slide-out, and adjustable tables can serve as a dining table, game table, or desk. Sleek wall paneling, LED ambient lighting, noise-cancelling insulated doors, and smart TVs set into the walls give the impression that you’re in a high-end club, not a moving vehicle.

Depending on your layout, the Finetza can sleep two to eight people, some in the main lounge area where the seating converts into sleeping areas, and at least two people in the private bedroom that is formed thanks to a rear motorized console that pops out. The bedroom can also come with a sunroof or moonroof for stargazing—a bit like Volkswagen’s California XXL.

Despite all of the over-the-top luxury in the Finetza, it may not be quite functional enough for full-time RV living. Instead of a full kitchen the camper comes with a small refrigerator, hot plate, and coffee machine. Likewise, the bathroom is likely too sparse for some, featuring only a toilet and sink, with the shower listed as optional.

The Finetza made its debut at India’s Auto Expo this past month. The company reports that the starting price is about $76,000, but it’s likely that all of the options mentioned above will cost much more.

The Finetza features a rear bedroom that slides out for more room.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles
The main living area of the Finetza, with the small pantry kitchen to the right and the bedroom in the back.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles
The main sleeping area is created thanks to an expandable cabin in the rear.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles
Multiple living room layouts are possible, including seats that unfold to create beds.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles
The living room transforms into more sleeping space.
Courtesy of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles

Via: New Atlas