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This tiny apartment was designed for two people, 51 cats

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Chinese firm FANAF Architects transformed the 330-square-foot living space for a reality TV show

tiny apartment designed for two people, 51  cats Photos by Lei Zheng and Xiaowen Jin via ArchDaily

Yes, there’s a growing trend of high-design cat furniture. But high-design cat apartments? That may come as a bit of a surprise.

But behold, this 330-square-foot pad in Shanghai was created especially for a couple and their 51 cats. Formerly a dark, unattractive space, the home was completely redesigned as part of the Chinese reality home show “Change Your Life.”

For the revamp, Nanjing-based FANAF Architects lived with the couple and their furry brood for an entire day, gaining first-hand insight into the space and the household’s needs. The architects soon realized that a lack of separate spaces with defined programs meant for a less-than-ideal living arrangement. There was no place to sit and relax with guests, no private bedroom for the humans, and poor ventilation because the cats could’ve escaped through open windows.

In response, FANAF gutted the apartment, creating a new home that had defined spaces for cooking, lounging, playing, and sleeping. New skylights at the rear of the home brought in natural light, and the architects created a courtyard-like room rimmed with a fountain of flowing water for the cats to drink from.

New louver doors and windows allowed for ventilation without the fear of cats escaping. A system of 32 translucent acrylic boxes gives the felines ample play space—and one row of boxes even has access to the owners’ bedroom.

In order to fully appreciate the transformation, you might want to peep the full episode (in Chinese):

Via: ArchDaily