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Light-filled tiny house hides a drop-down bed

Small but sophisticated

The exterior of a tiny house. The house has a large window and two doors are open. Inside is a bed, table, and dressers. Cubist Engineering

There’s no shortage of cleverly designed, modern tiny homes, but the new Sturgis model from Cubist Engineering still manages to keep a few impressive tricks up its sleeve. The 21.5-foot by 8.5-foot structure is clad in charred cypress siding with an oversized picture window and a hydraulic door opening into a 4-foot by 8-foot configurable “obsession space”, which is shown in the model as a child’s bedroom but could also be a workshop or motorcycle garage.

The interior of a tiny house. There is a sink, countertops, shelves, a couch, a table, and a bed. There are windows on both sides of the house.

The rest of the interior is floored in white oak with paneled walls that feel more midcentury modern than farmhouse chic. The bathroom is covered in slate tile and separated from the rest of the living space by a frosted glass wall. The kitchen is simple, with the under-counter fridge hidden by matching paneling.

The best trick, however, is the queen bed hidden in the ceiling above the living room. With the push of a button, the bed lowers to turn the space into a cozy bedroom—a move we’ve seen before in this DIY design.

Screenshot via Youtube

You can further upgrade the home with an entertainment package, security features, solar panels, custom deck, or even a roof deck. Pricing starts at $99,000.

Via: Inhabitat