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New restaurant serves up gorgeous mix of concrete, pastels, and circles

Casaplata’s delicious, textured design was inspired by the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi

Seville restaurant with concrete, pastels, circles All photos by Juan Delgado via The Spaces

In designing the space for Casaplata—a new mediterranean restaurant in Seville, Spain—architects at Lucas y Hernández-Gil transformed a former coffeeshop into a luxe-industrial eatery.

Inspired by the spare still life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, which often feature pastel-colored objects on a gray or neutral ground, the architects amped-up the space’s concrete elements. Gray, textured floors and walls now offer a silvery backdrop for curvy pastel furniture pieces by Kresta Design.

Circular elements like a perfectly round interior window, round mirrors, light fixtures, and a salmon-pink round table echo the shape of plates, glasses, and bowls.

Industrial details like exposed metal air ducts, pipes, and a metal ceiling contrast with the round shapes and soft hues of the furniture. “The interior aesthetic is raw and austere in order to make the food on the metal trays stand out,” the firm said.

Via: The Spaces