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These tiny cabins help you retreat to a slower pace of life

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The location of your “Slow Cabin” is secret until you book a stay

Jonas Verhulst/Slow Cabin via The Spaces

Half the fun of camping is the lingering feeling that you might actually be lost in the woods. Now, a new company in Belgium is capitalizing on that desire with tiny cabins that are peppered through the country in secret locations.

Like Getaway, the U.S. startup bringing tiny cabins to the woods outside New York, Boston, and D.C., Slow Cabins relies on a similar air of mystery to get city dwellers out of their routine and into the wilderness. Rent a cabin (starting at $215) and you won’t learn where it’s located until after you book.

While the location might be a surprise, all of the cabins are reliably well-designed. Each tiny house is self-sustainable with solar panel roofs, rainwater collection, and dry toilets. The serene interior is built with raw wood floors and furnished with minimalist pieces awash in sunlight thanks to the cabin’s massive windows.

Via: The Spaces