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Ikea kitchen gets the golden treatment

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Designed by Reform for fashion designer Stine Goya

Miminalist kitchen with black countertop and brass-fronted cabinets with pale hardwood floors and matching walls.
Reform designed this kitchen for Copenhagen-based fashion designer Stine Goya.
Photos via Dezeen

There’s no shortage of Ikea hacks, or modifications, if you prefer, especially when it comes to jazzing up the furniture giant’s kitchen cabinets. Companies like Plykea and Semihandmade make it their business to create bespoke doors and fronts for the practical but standard kitchen systems.

But these particular shiny doors are next-level. Designed by Copenhagen-based Reform for the headquarters of local fashion designer Stine Goya, the kitchen features brass cupboards and handles that radiate golden hues. The walls of the space are a similar color, and combined with the natural wood floors and the cupboards, the kitchen emanates a warmth that complements the colors of the fashion designer’s clothing line.

“Colour is important to me, both in my work and surroundings, so we decided to transfer it to the kitchen, which is a room often overlooked in an office context,” the designer told Dezeen.

Creating contrast, however, are a black laminate countertop and stove, as well as an adjacent plum-painted hallway accessed by way of a door. Intriguing.

Via: Dezeen