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Airstream’s new trailer, Nest, offers compact luxury for $45K

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Forget the aluminum silver bullet, the newest Airstream is fiberglass

A silver and white travel trailer by Airstream
The Nest, a new fiberglass travel trailer by Airstream.
All photos courtesy of Airstream

As a longtime leader in a growing outdoors industry, Airstream trailers are immediately recognizable thanks to their trademark sleek aluminum exterior. There’s also no doubt that campers and trailers of all kinds are growing in popularity—it’s a big reason why we started our camper-focused community group (come join us!). But today Airstream is switching gears and debuting a highly anticipated fiberglass travel trailer called the Nest.

Originally created by Oregon designer Robert Johans, Nest was acquired by Airstream in March 2016 and further developed in-house. “There’s really nothing else like it,” said Airstream President & CEO Bob Wheeler in a press release. “Nest acknowledges Airstream’s lasting legacy, while anticipating a new potential for outdoor adventure.”

Instead of aluminum, Nest uses a semi-monocoque fiberglass structure styled by automotive designer Bryan Thompson (Thompson also worked on Airstream’s Basecamp model). A wide front tinted windshield was inspired by the shape of ski goggles while six windows, a skylight, and a vertical doorway window allow for plenty of interior light.

Inside, you can expect Airstream’s high-quality workmanship and style available in two different color schemes. In the kitchen, premium fixtures, a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a microwave, and a 24-gallon fresh water tank let you cook small meals without fuss. A small wet bath is an amenity normally associated with much larger campers, but here it features a removable handheld shower head, toilet, roof vent, integrated soap dispensers and a utility shelf. Other small touches like a sliding screen door, blackout shades, LED interior lighting with Bluetooth Control, USB ports, and lots of overhead storage mean that the Nest will likely function as well as it looks.

Two different floor plans are available: One uses a u-shaped dinette that converts into a queen bed, while the other features a permanent queen bed with a plush Tuft & Needle mattress. These floor plans mean that it’s unlikely that you could sleep more than two people in the Nest, so if you need to sleep a family the new Mantis from Taxa Outdoors might be a better fit.

The Nest trailer with the u-shaped dinette option, shown in the “Clutch Blue” color options.
All photos courtesy of Airstream

A slew of extra amenities shows Airstream’s usual attention to detail, like an exterior shower with hot and cold water, a powered patio awning, stylized aluminum wheels, LED lights, and a custom aluminum entry step.

An interior height of 6 feet 6 inches allows most people to stand up in the camper and a length of 16 feet 7 inches means that the Nest will fit in many garages. At 3,400 pounds, the new trailer is easy to tow although not quite as light as some other—albeit less built out—campers.

And now for the important part. The Nest is priced from $45,900, making it an investment but less expensive than most of Airstream’s silver bullet trailers. That price also comes with a three year Airstream limited warranty and three years worth of 24/7 Coach-Net roadside assistance.

Tell us, Curbed readers, what do you think of the latest camper from Airstream?

The rear of the trailer features a unique window door.
All photos courtesy of Airstream
The trailer with the “Wingspan White” color option.
All photos courtesy of Airstream
The full bed layout option.
All photos courtesy of Airstream
A galley kitchen features a two-burner stove and stainless steel sink.
All photos courtesy of Airstream
A small but efficient wet bath.
All photos courtesy of Airstream
The rear entry door of the Nest.
All photos courtesy of Airstream