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Sun-drenched apartment with 18-foot ceiling yours for $1.3M


Fantastic Frank via The Spaces

By most standards, a 12-foot ceiling is considered luxurious. Now add another half of that height and you can picture what this 2010-built Berlin apartment is working with. German studio MüllersBüro designed the spacious timber-framed apartment with a soaring 18-foot ceiling and massive windows to match. Despite the airy dimensions, the apartment is considered “passive,” for its exceptional energy efficiency.

Fantastic Frank via The Spaces

The 1,900-square-foot apartment is anchored by its living and dining rooms, which open out onto a porch that overlooks the street. A curved staircase leads to a loft and the upstairs bedrooms.

The double-height windows drench the entire apartment in sunlight and make the space feel connected to the outdoors despite is urban location. It’s a stunner—and yours for €1,100,000 ($1.3 million).

Fantastic Frank via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces