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Fancy chicken coop pulls double duty as a jungle gym

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Healthy chickens, delicious eggs

fancy chicken coop Quang Dam via ArchDaily

Chicken coops are typically very modest spaces. A chicken’s lair requires little more than soil, air, a place to lay eggs, and some space to roam. But inventive design is always a welcome bonus, even in the realm of chicken coops.

In Vietnam, a family enlisted the studio Tropical Space to build a high-design chicken coop, called the Chicken House. The 6.5 by 32-foot cage stretches the length of the yard, giving the chickens plenty of space to waddle about.

The architects increased the cage’s livable footprint by installing jungle gym-like staggered platforms they refer to as “chicken fitness.” The birds can float in small pools on the ground level of the coop’s and climb miniature ladders that lead them from platform to platform, until they reach their “chicken bedrooms.”

If it all seems a little gratuitous, that’s fair. But as we’ve seen in the past, nothing is too fancy for a beloved pet.

Via: ArchDaily