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Coolest flower shop is now open in Copenhagen

Tableau was designed by Studio David Thulstrup

Shot of minimalist space with raw concrete walls, blue vinyl floors, and sculptural podiums, with a planter of flowers in the foreground, and an illuminated plant stand in the back.
The podiums are also for sale.
Photography by Irina Boersma courtesy of Studio David Thulstrup

Perhaps one of the most architectural—if not coolest—flower shops is now open in Copenhagen, where Studio David Thulstrup has designed Tableau, a gallery-like space with raw concrete walls and brick in a 19th-century building.

The brainchild of Julius Vaernes Iversen, who runs another popular floral destination in the city called BB Blomster with his brother Magnus, Tableau displays flower arrangements as if they were art installations on custom-designed geometric podiums.

David Thulstrup and his practice, which is known for the Vipp Loft Hotel, among other projects, designed six podiums, each one in a different material: terrazzo blocks, gray glass sheets, transparent glass bricks, Bornholm stone, folded polished metal, and perforated metal. The studio also created a cylindrical stand for plants that doubles as a light sculpture, and the store’s overhead lighting.

These shiny, textured volumes contrast with the bright blue vinyl flooring, and again with the aforementioned stripped-back walls, allowing the peculiar floral arrangements to shine bright.

“It’s all about the monumentality in the materials which are made into geometric shapes with as little intervention as possible to keep a clean frame for the floral displays,” Thulstrup said in a statement.

In addition to the flowers and plants, the podiums, as well as Tableau’s own vases designed in collaboration with artists like Poul Isbak, are also for sale.

(h/t Wallpaper)