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You have to pay this lamp to turn it on

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Let there be light

lamp turned on by coin Moak Studio

Every time you turn on a light, you pay a little fee. It’s easy to forget, but lighting doesn’t come free. To remind you, Moak Studio designed Dina, a new lamp that requires you deposit a coin every time you want to turn it on.

The little bedside light has a piggy bank slit at the top of its shade where you can drop a medium to large sized coin (nickel, quarter, euro). The metal coin falls into place and completes the lamp’s circuitry, activating the electricity to flick the light on. To turn the lamp off, you pull the knob and the coin is saved.

It’s a clever way to remind people that energy comes at a cost—but not at too much of a cost. Want your coins back? Just open the shade and take them out.

Via: Co Design