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Australian modern house exudes a midcentury Palm Springs charm

Midcentury simplicity in 2018

midcentury-style house All photos by Christopher Frederick Jones via Designboom

Simple doesn’t always mean luxurious, but in the case of this Brisbane, Australia, home the two are synonymous. Architect Paul Butterworth designed the “Honeyworks House” for a beekeeping couple who wanted to connect the indoors to the outdoors.

Kitchen with white walls and pendant lamps
Living room with concrete floors

The house is built from basic materials and finished with high-end touches, creating the platonic ideal of low-cost, high-design. The architects used burnished concrete slabs and plasterboard walls to create the L-shaped house. The low-profile exterior is clad in light brick and boasts a slanted silhouette, which gives it a distinctly midcentury Palm Springs vibe.

Bathroom with door open
Bathroom looking out onto the courtyard

Inside, the main room double duty as a bedroom and living space thanks to a bed that hides behind a wooden wall. The mix of materials—the floor is made from poured concrete, the cabinets from wood veneer, and the countertops of stone—gives the house a sturdy, luxurious look that helps the Honeyworks House feel more contemporary than vintage.

Via: Designboom