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Modern Japanese lake house comes with a twist

Climb on up

Jérémie Souteyrat via Designboom

How do you make the most of a two-story home? Turn it into five stories. Sugawaradaisuke Architects recently did just that, transforming a house on the shore of Japan’s Lake Nojiri into a multi-story home with a clever use of platforms.

The timber house is outfitted with platforms that totally upend the idea of how a home should be structured. Floors double as tables. A countertop gives way to the living room. Simple wooden stairs lead from one platform to the next, and lend the house a disjointed flow that somehow still works. Where one room ends and another begins is unclear, and honestly, it’s pretty fun.

Jérémie Souteyrat

The architects say they wanted to imbue the house with a sense of freedom, and this is certainly one way to go about it. For them, the platforms aren’t merely platforms—each becomes its own stage for performing the mundanities of daily life.

Via: Designboom