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Tiny prefab mobile home was built from salvaged materials

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UK-based Invisible Studio built the structure for $28,000

Small gabled-roof structure with corrugated steel and polycarbonate walls in woodland site.
Trailer measures 430 square feet and cost just $28,000 to build.
Photos by by Piers Taylor via Dezeen

British architecture practice Invisible Studio, known for its environmentally sensitive work, has created a prototype of a tiny prefab trailer that cost just £20,000, or about $28,000, to build. Located near its own studio in the woods near Bath, England, the micro structure measures 40 square meters, or about 430 square feet, and can be used as a dwelling or workshop.

Salvaged materials kept construction costs low on Trailer, as it’s called, which features a simple gabled silhouette fashioned from corrugated fiberglass and steel, and interiors lined with salvaged plywood and locally grown unseasoned timber. Polycarbonate “glazing” on the gable walls act as windows, and, together with inexpensively sourced skylights, allow natural light to pour in.

Inside, an open, minimalist floorplan includes a stove, bathroom, and two lofted sleeping platforms on either end reached by two separate staircases (made from plywood offcuts).

As for its mobility, the tiny building was designed according to standards allowing it to be legally transported on an English highway by way of a removable wheeled bogie and a steel chassis. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen