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Medmen, a new high-design cannabis dispensary, opens in NYC

Just in time for 4/20

Joe Schildhorn/

MedMen describes itself as the “Apple Store of cannabis,” and it’s easy to see why. The Los-Angeles based medical marijuana company, which already has multiple locations on the West Coast, is opening a new store in New York City today—nice—and it looks like the type of store that might very well have a Genius Bar in the back.

The 2,000-square-foot shop is located in the hotbed of luxury on Fifth Avenue. That’s no coincidence—MedMen, like a growing number of high-design dispensaries—is using elevated design to bring cannabis into the mainstream.

Joe Schildhorn/

By shedding the preconceived associations around marijuana—hippies, stoners, weed leaf paraphernalia—the company is looking to reach a more, should we say, high-minded consumer.

The New York City shop, only the third prescription dispensary to open in the city, features bright white walls, exposed brick, minimalist displays, modern packaging and touchscreen menus. Oh, you were looking for the Apple Store? That’s just right down the block.