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Ikea launches a streetwear-inspired line of home goods

Cool kids only

In case filling your apartment with Ikea couches, lamps, and bed frames isn’t enough, the company is now launching a new line that promises to put the finishing touches on your urban lifestyle. The Spänst line is a collaboration between the Swedish furniture retailer and the Los-Angeles-based fashion designer Chris Stamp.

Think of Spänst as a cool-kid starter kit for your home. The line, debuting in U.S. stores in May, orbits around sneakerhead-meets-skateboarding street culture with an Ikea-made skateboard and the rack to match. There’s also a wardrobe, clear shoeboxes for your rare sneaker collection, a duffle bag, and a “light stick,” a minimalist LED lamp that you can prop up against the wall.

Ikea describes the Spänst demographic as “young, aesthetically-conscious consumers living active, urban lifestyles.” Translation: Do you shop at Supreme? Browse the racks at Kith? If so, this Ikea line is for you.