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This interactive furniture line runs on solar power

With enough juice to power a micro-apartment

solar-powered furniture Francis Dzikowski/Otto/UM Project via Co.Design

Francois Chambard, maker of conductive wallpaper and adorable theremins, is back with a clever new line of furniture called Patch. In a rather functional twist, Chambard’s Brooklyn-based studio UM Project designed the pieces with internal batteries that charge via solar panels and last up to 24 hours.

Debuted at last week’s Salone del Mobile 2018, Patch comprises three cabinets, a wire curtain, and an outdoor bench with solar panels up top. Each cabinet acts as its own self-sustaining electrical grid, which powers internal gizmos like buttons that play sound, motion-detecting lights, and a mirror that rotates upon touch. According to Co. Design, the designs are one-off but available for sale, with prices upon request.

Francis Dzikowski/Otto/UM Project via Co.Design

Like UM Project’s other explorations, Patch takes a decidedly playful approach to practicality. In addition to providing energy for the cabinets’ individual features, UM Project says the system can generate and hold enough juice to power a micro-apartment. Finally, a piece of furniture that really pulls its weight.

Via: Co. Design