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Palm Springs midcentury prefab steel house yours for $839K

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Donald Wexler’s historic Steel Development House Number 2 is up for sale in Palm Springs

Modern home with overhanging steel-beamed roof creating walkway to entrance in desert setting.
Steel Development House Number 2 is one of seven prefab steel houses Donald Wexler built in 1962.
Photos by Dan Chavkin via The Spaces

A prefabricated Steel Development Houses by Donald Wexler is on the market in Palm Springs, and it’s looking quite spectacular. Designed in 1961, Steel Development House Number 2 was part of a planned community of 38 steel-and-glass homes envisioned by Wexler and his partner Richard Harrison.

The rising cost of steel squashed the project, however, and only seven were built and subsequently largely forgotten—then rediscovered in the early ’90s. Now, all seven of them are designated Class 1 Historic Sites, with Number 2 being listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012, making it the first midcentury building to receive that designation.

Two beds and two baths make up the 1,411-square-foot residence, whose core was built in Los Angeles, then transported to Palm Springs where it was lowered onto a concrete slab. The outer rooms were then assembled on site, taking just three days to complete the basic construction.

The result is a minimalist, clean-lined program characterized by exposed steel beams, roof overhangs, and sliding glass doors that open onto a gorgeous pool. Located at 3125 N. Sunnyview Drive, it’s offered at $839,000.

Via: The Spaces