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Bunker-like concrete house comes with a twist

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Sturdy and stylish

bunker-like house Filippo Poli via Dezeen

For the ultra-rich and the ultra-prepared, there’s no shortage of fancy bunkers you can build and buy to protect yourself against the apocalypse. Bunker-chic, you might call it, is a real trend.

The Fuzzy House in Thailand has all the aesthetic trappings of bunker-chic, but also has the luxury of, you know, existing in the outside world. SO, a Thai architecture studio, designed the Fuzzy House to occupy an unused plot of land in Chiang Mai. The outside of the house is built with cinder blocks, giving it a sturdy, yet slightly rough-around-the edges look.

But the fortress-like concept serves another purpose. Over the years, residents used the empty plot of land as a path between two roads. When it came time to construct the house, the owners wanted to maintain access to that route, so they built a small public pathway that cuts through the house, effectively creating a bridge between public and private space.

Inside, the industrial-style open living, kitchen, and dining area is partially sunken on the ground floor, and provides access to the upstairs master bedroom and a stepped roof terrace.

Via: Dezeen