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Shipping container home builder adds a bar to the line

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Booze—and a bar—to go

shipping container bar
The Honomobar installed in the Canadian Rockies.

Shipping containers have become like concrete in the architecture world. Once considered a novelty, they’re now a pervasive building material. We’ve seen containers used for everything from houses to playgrounds to schools. So why shouldn’t they be fashioned into portable bars, too?

Canadian prefab and shipping container home builder Honomobo recently designed the Honomobar, an 100-square-foot structure made from a 12.6 by 8 ft recycled shipping container. The outside of the container is painted black and has a cedar overhang that creates an industrial-cabana feel.

Inside, there’s shelving to hold booze bottles and taps for beer. A slick wooden bar wraps around the outside of the container in an L shape, providing just enough space for just a handful of people to cozy up to.

Priced at $19,764 a piece, the Honomobar ships across North America and can be delivered in four to six weeks.

Via: New Atlas