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Striking mountain home frames stunning views of the Himalayas

Located in the village of Satkhol in India

Wood-framed home with gently pitched sloping roof that peaks dramatically at one end in mountain setting.
The Woodhouse is located in the village of Satkhol in India’s Nainital district in the outer Himalayas.
Photos by Edmund Sumner via Dezeen

This striking wood-framed home rises against a majestic backdrop of the Himalayas on a flat site some 2,000 meters above sea level. Located in the village of Satkhol in India’s Nainital district, the so-called Woodhouse was designed by New Delhi-based Matra Architects and is set among traditional homes.

To make the most of its unique placement, the vacation residence features an asymmetrical construction characterized by a dramatically pitched roof and a stepped floorplan that responds not only to the mountains but to the landscaping immediately surrounding it. Clad in locally sourced wood and anchored by a stonewall base excavated from site, the rustic dwelling also reflects the architecture of the region.

Inside, exposed frames support the timber roof and the building “envelope” while also giving shape to the steeply peaked roof that is clad in skylights. In addition to the skylights, a ribbon of glass runs along the bottom of the floor, while large windows optimize stunning mountain views. Three steps form the main living area, comprising a kitchen at the top, a dining area one level below, and a lounge on the lowest step. There are four bedrooms on the opposite end of house below the skylights. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen