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These mini vintage campers make adorable birdhouses

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A place to call home

Mini camper birdhouse hanging in a tree One Man, One Garage via Inhabitat

Is it really a design trend if it hasn’t been made into a tiny, adorable birdhouse? The answer, it seems, is no. There are Bauhaus birdhouses, midcentury birdhouses. And now you can add miniature avian campers to the mix.

The Nashville design studio One Man, One Garage designed a line of mini Vintage Camper Birdhouses, and they’re about as cute as they sound. The designers crafted the avian architecture based on photographs from when they owned a 1974 Scotty camper.

Row of mini camper birdhouses One Man, One Garage via Inhabitat

The birdhouses comes in 40 laser-cut birch wood pieces that connect together via pre-cut holes. Each camper comes stained and unpainted, giving you a chance to customize the colors and extra details like flower beds, striped awnings, and mini grills.

The campers measure 9 by 6 by 5 inches—just small enough to retain its cuteness, and just large enough for a little bird to call home.

Via: Inhabitat