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Incredible concrete-and-glass home with undulating walls is up for sale

Planchonella House is located in the rainforests of Queensland, Australia

Shot of concrete-and-glass house with curving flat roof with deep overhangs and curving glass wall showing curving couch.
The concrete platforms undulate and respond to the surrounding rainforest landscape.
Photos by Sean Fennessy, Ben Hoskingv via Modern House

An incredible modern house that earns the distinction of “undulating” is up for sale in Australia. Designed by husband-and-wife duo Jesse Bennett and Anne-Marie Campagnolo and completed in 2015, Planchonella House rises among the rainforests of Queensland in Edge Hill, Cairns, and responds to the topography of the surrounding landscape in its sculptural concrete form.

Curving concrete slabs calling to mind Brazilian modernism create an undulating roof line and floor plan that protrude into the woods and appear to float among the tree canopy, while floor-to-ceiling glass walls further the indoor-outdoor connection. Deep roof overhangs offer shade as well as cover for a deck, and the roof itself is a garden.

Perched on stilts, the 240-square-meter (approximately 2,583 square feet) residence follows a rough L-shape that wraps around a courtyard and features open spaces with minimal interior walls and supports. The main common areas are placed in the south, where an open living room, kitchen with breakfast booth, and dining area establish the main artery of the property. The home’s contours also offer surprising nooks here, while the master suite with dressing room follows behind a timber wall, and two additional bedrooms make up the back of the house.

There’s so much more to this award-winning house, so why not take a look? It’s offered for sale through Modern House, and price is available upon request.

Via: The Spaces