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Ikea’s new line of indigo goods is made by Indian artisans

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Hand-dyed, hand-woven

Indigo-dyed pillows Ikea

Ikea’s newest line of home goods has a distinctly un-Scandinavian vibe. The new Innehållsrik collection includes woven fiber baskets and vibrant indigo-dyed pillows, blankets, and towels, all made in partnership with women artisans in India. It’s part of Ikea’s Social Entrepreneurs initiative, which the company started in 2013 to partner with and support marginalized artisan communities.

For its seventh edition of Innehållsrik, Ikea worked with two community-owned craft companies, Rangsutra and Industry, to produce the line of beach-y goods, which is now available in select stores (no telling if they’ll be in Ikea’s first Indian store, which is slated to open later this year).

Woven fiber basic and ladder Ikea
Indigo-dyed fabric basket Ikea

Ikea says the line’s design was inspired by the indigo textile work many of the artisans were already making. Each piece is handcrafted, drawing on the textile dying and fiber weaving skills the women have honed. It’s a great example of how design companies can go beyond simply being “inspired by” different cultures.

Via: Dezeen