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This concrete cliff house is the definition of brutal

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This intriguing structure on the coast of Chile is made from raw concrete

Simple rectangular volume made of raw concrete juts out of mountainside on cliff overlooking the beach.
Loba House in Chile is raw, bare, and brutal.
Photos via Designboom

Unlike the daring Casa Brutale in Beirut, Lebanon, this concrete house by Chilean firm Pezo Von Ellrichshausen is actually complete. Wedged into the side of a rocky cliff in the Coliumo Peninsula, the so-called Loba House is a simple rectangular volume that still makes a statement, even in the midst of the majestic coastal landscape.

Brutal in its aesthetics, the home features a raw concrete shell sparsely punctuated by windows and skylights, and the interiors are equally bare. Board-marked concrete adds texture to the otherwise minimalist space, which is characterized as a single room divided into six stepped platforms, with three large columns acting as de facto dividers, and two “bridges” floating overhead.

Sleeping quarters are placed on the upper platforms, while the living areas are found on the descending levels. The entire roof also doubles as a terrace, which features a staircase lookout point that cheekily references the home’s internal program. Even without an embedded swimming pool, the Loba House intrigues, offering direct access to the waters, and facing a sea lion reserve.

Via: Designboom