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5 easy ways to transform your home with lighting

Let your space shine!

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chandelier lamp
Bottrell Table Lamp, $184.99, Wayfair.

If you wanted to transform the look of a room in one swift move, you might spruce up your walls, add a statement sofa or rug, or simply bring in more lighting.

Indeed, whether you need to brighten a dark room or create a new vibe for your space, there’s a range of lighting products that can do the trick with minimal installation required.

Below, we share a few easy-to-work-with lighting types to consider: Table lamps, which can help diffuse light and are often decorative in their own right; swing-arm floor lamps that let you adjust the angle of the light, perhaps to focus on a specific piece of furniture; desk lights that offer really bright, concentrated light; rope lights, which can be taped to easily add some sparkle to your space; and smart lights, which are often dimmable, multi-hued, and controllable by app or voice. Have a look!

Table lamps

Sterling Table Lamp, $98, Urban Outfitters.
Crest Gold Table Lamp, $269, Crate and Barrel.

Other picks:

Swing-arm floor lamp

LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp, $43.99, Amazon.

Other picks:

  • Hillam Swing-Arm Floor Lamp, $61.98, Lowes
  • Possini Euro Eliptik Swing Arm LED Floor Lamp, $229.99, Lamps Plus
  • Studio Swing Arm Floor Lamp, $419, Lumens

Desk light

Christy Desk Lamp, $44.99, Wayfair.
Keystone Iron Lantern Desk Lamp, $37.37, Wayfair.

Other picks:

  • Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp, $32.99, Amazon
  • Carpenter Brass Table Lamp, $129, CB2
  • Original 1227 Task Lamp by George Carwardine for Anglepoise, $285, Lumens

Rope lights

Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights in Cool White, $35,

Other picks:

  • Tupkee LED Rope Light in Warm White, $22.86, Amazon
  • Starry Silver Wire Rope Lights, $35,

Smart lighting

Nanoleaf Aurora Modular Smart Lighting Kit, $199.99, The Home Depot (shown here with dodecahedron-inspired Remote, not included).

Other picks:

  • Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb, $16, Urban Outfitters
  • Philips Hue White Ambience Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit, $132.97, Amazon