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It’s Furniture Week on Curbed!

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What to buy and where to buy it

colorful living room of Minneapolis home Photo by Wing Ta

Furniture Week is back on Curbed!

Starting today, we’re turning our spotlight on the items big and small that transform empty rooms into a home.

As we did the last time around, we’ll be sharing a bunch of budget-friendly shopping roundups, highlighting stellar picks across categories like coffee tables, beds, accent chairs, ottomans, and more.

But wait, there’s more! Ever wonder how exactly you should go about buying a sofa? We’ve got a definitive guide that’s chock full of expert advice. Still looking for ways to refresh your space or that perfect gift for newlyweds? Don’t miss our Home Shopping Guide, totally updated for the spring and summer season. There’ll also be plenty of furniture inspiration to go around, especially for readers who are working with tiny apartments and midcentury modern homes.

Whether you’re looking for new pieces or just love homes and design, you’ll want follow along at our Furniture Week hub right over here.