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These Japanese micro kitchens come brilliantly disguised

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Time to downsize

Micro kitchen with open doors revealing sink Sanwa

Now you see them, now you don’t. A new line of micro kitchens from Japanese furniture company Sanwa are so small and discrete, it’s hard to tell if they’re artfully-designed pieces of furniture or fully-functioning kitchens.

Surprise: they’re both.

Colorful micro kitchen with one door open Sanwa

For Salone del Mobile 2018, Sanwa commissioned a handful of designers, including Alessandro Mendini, Bestetti Associati, and Elisa Ossinoto, to create high-design micro kitchens. Each design is brilliantly disguised as an armoire, cabinet, or desk that opens or folds out into a small but effective kitchen.

AC 01 by Yuto Rie.
AC 01 transformed.

The pieces make efficient use of space by cleverly arranging sinks, electric stove-tops, storage, and prep areas into what seems like an impossibly tiny space. One piece, the AC 01, is a wall-mounted desk whose top opens to 90 degrees to reveal a mini kitchen whose details include a faucet that lays flat and then twists into place. Brilliant.

EO 01 by Elisa Ossino.
QB 01 by Bestetti Associati.

Via: Co.Design