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Incredible sea of nets lets you walk among tree branches

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White nets suspended in trees Zhang Hetian via Inhabitat

Climbing trees is a whole lot easier when you have an ocean of nets beneath you. Chinese design studio Unarchtecte created a climber’s dreamland inside a Guangdong forest by patching together swaths of nets and suspending them from healthy trees and poles. The white nets stretch from tree to tree like spider webs, allowing people to play among the tree branches without fear of falling.

The architects describe their design as a “white sea” where climbers can scramble over a series of varied, undulating surfaces. The vast playground varies in topography, with flat nets giving way to inclines and inclines leading to domes where people can lay down and look up at the trees.

Nets suspended from trees Zhang Hetian

It’s a magical effect that feels a little like the wacky cocoons of duct tape and nets that Numen/For Use has constructed in museums, galleries and parks around the world. The park was technically commissioned to give children a place to commune with nature and be more active. But let’s be real: This is an adult’s dreamland, too.

Via: Inhabitat