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Overland trucks offer off-the-grid camping in the American west

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Expedition vehicles ready to rent from San Francisco and Las Vegas

A 4x4 truck is set up to camp in the desert
Pacific Overlander rents expedition-ready 4x4 trucks outfitted with rooftop tents and all the gear you need for camping.
All photos courtesy of Pacific Overlander

You can thank the growing number of RV sales or the popularity of #VanLife photos on your Instagram account, but it seems like more and more people are headed to the outdoors for some much needed relaxation. For urbanites who can’t afford to own or store a camper and all the associated gear, however, it can be hard to make a photo-worthy camping trip happen in the first place.

A new breed of outdoor companies are tackling this issue. Camper van rentals in cities like Portland, Denver, and Las Vegas are booming, offering ready-to-camp, converted vans with everything you need to get outside, explore, and sleep. The only problem? While vans are great for comfort, they can’t always get you to remote locations that require higher clearance, four-wheel drive, and—let’s face it—tougher construction.

Enter the overland truck. Overlanding is a popular style of camping that requires off-roading to get to far-off destinations. Think four-wheel drive, extreme roads, and no gas stations for miles. That may not sound conducive to rentals, but San Francisco-based Pacific Overlander offers expedition vehicles for rent and sets you up with all the essential camping gear to make your backcountry dreams come true.

A truck and rooftop tent park next to a fire in the forest
A 4x4 rental from Pacific Overlander.
All photos courtesy of Pacific Overlander

In operation since September 2016, Pacific Overlander rents a fleet of outfitted 4x4 trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. The rigs come packed with a rooftop tent that sleeps two, camp chairs, a YETI cooler, water cans, a dual-burner stove, and all the plates and cooking items you need. Throw in a camp lantern, first-aid kit, jumper cables, and flares, and you’ve got an off-the-grid quiver that would make any survivalist proud.

With branches in San Francisco and Las Vegas—including one-way travel options—Pacific Overlander can support travel throughout the Western U.S., including trips to Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, and the Grand Canyon. Rates change depending on seasonal availability, but start around $150 per day and include 150 free miles per day. Head over here for more.

A truck with a rooftop tent sits in the forest
An overland rig can help you reach out-of-the-way campsites.
All photos courtesy of Pacific Overlander
A camp set up includes a rooftop tent, chairs, and camping table.
Each rental includes everything you need to camp, like a table and chairs.
All photos courtesy of Pacific Overlander
A Land Rover Defender parked with a rooftop tent in the desert.
Pacific Overlander offers one Land Rover Defender available for rent.
All photos courtesy of Pacific Overlander