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Join our new Facebook group for camper, RV, and trailer enthusiasts!

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The (outdoorsy) party starts now

Two small camper trailers in red and yellow.
The Meerkat Trailer from Little Guy Trailers in Southern California.
Courtesy of Little Guy Trailers

There’s no doubt that the camping world is having a moment: From our Instagram feeds to high-alpine roads, campers and vans are everywhere. Like other hot topics—ahem, tiny homes—we’ve been tracking this growing phenomenon here at Curbed. We regularly write about these homes that you take on the road, whether it’s a gorgeous teardrop trailer, an over-the-top RV, or a DIY Sprinter van.

Across our sites, our Facebook pages, and even our Instagram, you’ve made campers and RVs one of the most popular and beloved things we cover. But outside of our comments section, we haven’t really had a place to geek out about the design of these amazing campers—until now.

Introducing Cool Campers, Vans, RVs, and Trailers, a new Facebook group just for that purpose. There, you’ll be able to connect with other design-minded adventurers who love all the different ways that we sleep in the outdoors.

But even more: Curbed’s own camper van expert (and enthusiast!) Megan Barber will be present in the group to talk with you about all-things related to campers, from sharing her latest finds to answering questions you may have about camper design.

In short, think of Cool Campers, Vans, RVs, and Trailers as your outdoorsy, knowledgeable best friend, the one who posts a funny GIF of an old Volkswagen bus but can still tell you the difference between a Class A and a Class B.

We’ll be posting things that we’re excited about daily—interesting articles, photos, and videos of cool campers we’re finding all over the internet—but let’s be clear: this is about you! We want to hear what you have to say.

All you need to do is request to join, and let the fun begin.