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In Canada, a stunning vacation home blends modern and traditional style

Sometimes you get the best of both worlds

modern gabled vacation home Doublespace Photography via The Contemporist

It’s hard to strike a balance between cozy and cold, but this vacation home outside of Toronto is a study in harmony. Canadian architecture firm Scott Posno Design built the gray-clad house with clean, simple lines and a gable-style peaked roof, giving the home a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Posno’s design sits on a 65-acre piece of land and stretches 153 feet from end to end. The interior of the house is open and airy, with large glass doors that allow for views that cut from one side of the house to the other.

The dining room—the star of the house, in our opinion—has two sliding doors that open all the way to transform the room into an extension of the outdoors.

Dining room with open doors

Inside, the floors are made from poured concrete and the ceilings are vaulted with Douglas fir. It’s another example of how well-played opposites can render some pretty stunning results.

Bathroom with concrete floor and wood ceiling

Via: The Contemporist