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Modern chalet is built from a bunch of tiny prefab modules

Small but cozy

Marc Lins via New Atlas unless otherwise noted

Switzerland has no shortage of cozy ski chalets to choose from, but a new lodge in the town of Lenzerheide is, what you could call, extra cozy thanks to its tiny size.

The modular Revier Mountain Lodge features 96 room, which have been stacked on top of each other like blocks.

Each room clocks in at 161 square feet, which is comparable to designs on the smaller end of the tiny house spectrum. The size, along with wood paneling and windows that look out onto the Swiss Alps, makes for a rather hygge set-up.

The square footage is also a boon for the developers who were able to built the hotel more efficiently. According to New Atlas, the small size meant no additional permits were needed to bring the modules to the site. All of the modules were fabricated off-site before being transported to the building site via truck and dropped into place by a crane where they connect together like larger-than-life wooden Lego blocks.

Hannes Thalmann
Hannes Thalmann

Via: New Atlas