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Gorgeous renovation turns old steam factory into modern office space

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Another win for adaptive reuse

old steam factory becomes office Photos by Tom Harris via Dezeen

As an architectural trend, it’s hard to hate on adaptive reuse. The catch-all term for giving an old building a new purpose allows original architecture to anchor a neighborhood, while breathing new life into an otherwise unused building. There are plenty of examples of clever architectural reuse—the most recent among them is a steam plant turned local non-profit headquarters.

In Toledo, Ohio, HKS transformed a 124,000 square foot plant into a new office building for ProMedica, a growing medical company whose offices had been spread throughout the city. The architects retained the facade of the brick factory for the most part, preserving three of the brick exteriors and the two steam towers that soar into the sky, while adding windows to one of building’s facades.

The interior is outfitted with concrete floors and high ceilings, which allow for a central atrium for employees to gather and hold meetings. In addition to the factory, the architects renovated a brutalist building from 1981 to expand the headquarters’ footprint. The campus, which is situated in the city’s downtown, aims to revive the business district without ignoring the city’s industrial past.

Via: Dezeen