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Stylish studio apartment measures just 186 square feet

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View of small one-room apartment with kitchen counter, desk, and built-in bed.
The 186-square-foot flat in Odessa, Ukraine, measures just 186 square feet.
Photos by Andrey Avdeenko via Design Milk

Kiev-based Fateeva Design has transformed a tiny flat into a studio apartment for a student living in Odessa, Ukraine. Measuring just 17.3 square meters, or approximately 186 square feet, the efficient home packs in a small kitchen area, study desk, bed, bathroom, and foyer with room for storage thanks to built-in furniture.

A kitchen counter including a stainless steel sink, oven, and electric stove top line one wall of the apartment in front of a large window. Perpendicular to that is a built-in desk with ample space underneath for storage—indeed, a rolling drawer unit is tucked into the corner—while the bed occupies the opposite corner.

Created as a large unit incorporating a headrest that wraps around to the other side of the bed, the bed also includes a built-in side table and under-bed storage. The narrow bathroom, located off the kitchen, continues the color scheme of white walls, white tiling, and warm wood accents.

As for the entryway, black tiled floors and a large mirror set the stage for the rest of the apartment, accessed by a tiny step down. Would you live here?

Via: Design Milk