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New Shanghai restaurant was designed for your Instagram feed

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Are you surprised?

Interior of restaurant with blue chairs Coordination Asia via Dezeen

Ah, the built-for-Instagram restaurant. People can’t seem to get enough of you, despite a deluge of your bright walls and ambient lighting all over the feeds. The trend of designing for the social media set continues with Changning Villa, a new restaurant in a revamped 19th-century Shanghai building that “caters to a well-informed crowd that is constantly on a hunt for the new and upcoming.”

Coffee bar with white tile floor

To its credit, the restaurant really does look lovely with muted modern furniture set against accents of rich blue and restored original doors and windows. According to the founder of Coordination Asia, the design firm behind the interiors, crafting restaurants with Instagram in mind is really just a part of business today.

Restaurant interior with grey chair and blue walls

”It is not unusual in our projects for us to build mock-ups to control angles for selfies and [check] if the space fits well in the lens of a smartphone camera,” Tilman Thürmer, founder and director of Coordination Asia, told Dezeen.

According to Thürmer, the client also made sure the proposed interior design would complement its menu before bringing the firm on for the project.

Restaurant interior with blue chairs

Via: Dezeen