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White brick wall with round, bisected mirror mounted on it along with three black coat hooks.
Vinkel Mirror by Nicole Losos and Nikolaus Kayser, $79, Hem.

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7 snazzy mirrors under $100

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

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Mirrors, like plants, can instantly add pizazz to any room. They’re practical, sure, but they also pull double-duty as wall art, can make a space feel bigger, and, when strategically placed, even impart your digs with a cheeky sense of humor.

Not everyone can be the lucky owner of an Ettore Sottsass mirror, but these picks will sure try their hardest to bring the beholder endless joy. Below are seven mirrors both big and small and in versatile or fun silhouettes that will add a new dimension to your home.

Project 62 Decorative Wall Mirror and Shelf

Target | $44.99

It’s a mirror! It’s a shelf! This small-space-friendly brass design pulls double duty in style.

Umbra Hub 24’’ Wall Mirror

Amazon | $94.69

Perfect for an entryway or hallway, this round mirror is simple and stylish with a decorative rubber frame that also serves as a protective bumper.

Mirror Masks by chen chen & Kai Williams
Amazon | $70.51-$72.50

For a more graphic option, grab these face-sized oval ones from Chen and Kai and let your mirror do the talking—provided your answers are “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”

Oval Wall Mirror
Wayfair | $88.99

Hung vertically or horizontally, this elegant classic oval mirror could spruce up a bathroom, bedroom, or entryway.

Nova Iridescent Mirror

Urban Outfitters | $49

Here’s a lunar counterpart to the above. This iridescent piece can be used as a mirror, sure, but also as a vanity tray. Mount it on the wall or simply prop it against one for a casual yet celestial effect.

Vinkel Mirror by Nicole Losos and Nikolaus Kayser

Hem | $79

Here’s another round mirror—but with a twist. Measuring 19.6 inches in diameter, the Vinkel Mirror by Berlin-based Nicole Losos and Nikolause Kayser is actually made up of two sides, offering “two perspectives on the world.” In fact, the mirror folds in half and can be mounted in three different positions.

Over the Door Mirror

Crate and Barrel | $99.95

This mirror conveniently hangs over any door less than 1.5 inches wide, but can also be mounted on a wall.

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